If you are looking for inspiring and amazing ceiling design ideas, you must visit popular hotels in your city. There are many hotels in the world which are known only for their architecture, especially their mesmerizing interiors and spellbinding ceiling designs. These hotel interiors and ceilings do not only display the grandeur of the building but also the creativity, taste, and originality of the designer. These hotels have to make a grand first impression. Therefore, they hire some of the most talented and experienced architects and interior designers to decorate their hotel ceilings.

Following are some of the most common ceiling designs you will find in the hotels across the globe.

Ceilings with Artworks:

Artworks can help you create astonishing interiors, especially the ceilings that will leave everyone speechless. The great ceilings of Versailles or those of Sistine Chapel, painted by Michael Angelo are typical examples. These two examples are enough to prove that you can use artworks on the room ceiling to cast a spell on your visitors. The best thing about artworks is that you can use them on both the traditional and modern room ceilings.

Some Really Astonishing And Eye Catching Ceiling Design Ideas

by David Marquardt Photography

Elegantly Designed Modern Ceilings:

If you want to maintain a balance between subtlety and opulence in the room, you must consider installing elegantly designed modern ceilings. However, you must hire an architect with years of experience, expertise and most importantly, the vision to accomplish the task successfully. You can get a vibrant atmosphere, typical of modern hotels and homes, simply by adding elegant chandeliers on curved ceilings. This particular arrangement will help you build a luxurious modern interior in addition to getting a dramatically stunning effect.

Some Really Astonishing And Eye Catching Ceiling Design Ideas

by David Howell Design

Modern Ceilings with Traditional Flavor:

One of the most amazing ceilings design ideas is to merge modern home décor with traditional flavor while designing your home ceiling. This will help you get much-needed elegance and exclusivity, helping your home to outshine other houses in the area. You can further enhance the strong atmosphere with the help of creative light effects.

Some Really Astonishing And Eye Catching Ceiling Design Ideas


Ceilings with Asian Features:

Another excellent idea to create astonishingly beautiful interiors is to add unique Asian and Oriental features to the ceiling. Take inspiration from Asian culture while designing your house and you are sure to get a striking first impression. Asian houses are usually big, warm and cozy and you can introduce the same effect in your home as well. You can create a serene, comfortable environment by using differently colored marbles on the floor and wood on the ceiling.

Art Deco Ceilings:

The use of art deco ceilings in houses and hotels is growing in popularity. You can create a luxurious environment as well as induce the grandeur of Jazz Age by adding art décor elements and intricate panels to the room ceiling. There are many other things you can do such as installing the ever elegant doubled eight coffered ceiling to get a sumptuously beautiful look.

Some Really Astonishing And Eye Catching Ceiling Design Ideas

by Savoy Interior Design LLC

Choosing the Right Material:

Last but not the least, it is also important for you to choose the right material, fixtures, and furniture pieces to get the look you desire. You have to get the combination right to make any interior unique and create an awesome ambiance. You need to use the space available to you as well as the shapes creatively to create a beautiful interior. You can come up with hundreds of unique design and décor combinations by experimenting with bright light fixtures, textures, patterns, and colors. Finally, it is an excellent idea to use geometric figures on the ceiling if you want to add some drama to the overall interior.

Some Really Astonishing And Eye Catching Ceiling Design Ideas

by Robert Elliott Custom Homes

As a matter of fact, you can do whatever you want to do with your home ceilings. The opportunities are endless. No matter whatever you do, the final product or ceiling must look warm, bright, eye-catching and astonishing to the visitors. Only then you will be able to say that you have created a truly beautiful ceiling.