Although there is no doubt that most of us care for our loved ones, when it comes to giving them a gift on a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, we are clueless. Men are no less difficult to buy gifts for than women. If you are bored of giving the same type of gift every year, then look no further because below we list a few unique and interesting gifts that will leave the man in your life with a big smile on his face. Whether it’s a friend, a spouse or a family member, the 10 gifts mentioned below are perfect for any man in your life.

1. DIY Digital Camera

We all know someone who is not only obsessed with electronics but who loves to explore below the surface. As a child, this person used to disassemble their toys to discover how they worked. When looking for the perfect gift for this person, you need to think outside the box.

Out Of The Ordinary: 10 Unique Gifts For Men

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A gift that will be perfect for this person is a DIY digital camera. Instead of a plain old smartphone, why not gift a digital camera that requires the recipient to assemble it themselves.

It’s a great way to encourage an inquisitive mind that is interested in discovering the inner workings of digital photography. The Bigshot DIY Kimera digital camera is a great choice and not surprisingly, the company behind this camera was founded by a professor  of Computer Science at Columbia University.

The camera arrives as a build-it-yourself kit and the user must follow step-by-step instructions in order to assemble the point-and-shoot style camera. If this gift wasn’t impressive enough, the company also uses a chunk of their profits to supply free kits to children who live in impoverished communities all over the world!

2. Pet Portrait

Does your friend have a pet they adore? Then gift them a portrait of their beloved pooch as a gift they are sure to love. Etsy is a site that caters to your creative needs and artists as well as a wide variety of creators sell their goods here. Artist Meryl Rowin of Yay Paper Co creates stunning portraits of pets that are innovative and beautiful. An animal is just as much a part of a family as anyone else and a furry cat or faithful dog deserves their own individual portrait and if your gift’s recipient loves their pet they will be thrilled with this unique gift.

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3. Germ Blanket

If you know someone who is fascinated by medicine and how living things function, then this influenza blanket is the perfect gift. Created by artist Phillip David Stearns, the blanket is called ‘Infected Blanket’ and astonishingly, displays the entire genome of the H1N1 virus, also known as the common cold or influenza. Each pixel on the blanket represents a specific group of three nucleotides in the DNA of the virus.

4. Body Pillow

If you know someone who is a fan of Japanese animation also known as anime, then a human sized pillow will be a great gift. These pillows come with your favorite anime characters on the front and back of the pillow case in various poses. In the Japanese language, hug pillows  such as this overwatch waifu pillow, are called Dakimakura.

5. Note Pad with a Twist

If you know someone who is a creative person and always thinking of new ideas, then this is a great gift. When you are a creative person, inspiration can strike at anytime and anywhere, even in the shower. The solution? A waterproof notepad and pencil that can be hung in the shower. If you are in the shower when inspiration strikes, you need to note it all down before your next big idea disappears. It’s no surprise that we often get our best ideas when in the shower because everywhere else in our day we are bombarded with notifications and other distractions almost constantly. To stop your creative friend’s ideas from going down the drain, gift this handy waterproof notepad to stick next to the shower.

6. Manly Candles

Most people love burning candles in their home. However, not everyone loves the feminine smell of patchouli or lavender in their room and for a unique twist on this gift, get a manly candle. These alternative scented candles are infused with rugged scents such as campfire, dirt, sawdust and more. For a fun and unique gift, you can’t go wrong with a man candle!

7. Hands-Free Umbrella

Few things in life are as frustrating as being caught in the rain with no umbrella. Even more annoying is when you have an umbrella but also have too many things in both hands to properly hold the umbrella. There are many situations in your daily life that can make it difficult to hold onto an umbrella. Perhaps you are half-walking, half-running behind your highly energetic dog on his daily walk or perhaps you are cycling through town or doing anything else which makes it difficult to hold on to your umbrella.

This is where the nubrella comes in handy! It’s a hands-free umbrella that can save the day for someone who is unable to use their hands when caught in the rain. This backpack style umbrella folds over your back when not in use and functions like a hood when you need it in the rain. For someone who works outdoors, or for someone who is hoping to take pictures while it’s raining, this is a useful gift.

8. Pet Rock

If you know someone who works with their laptop all day long and needs something to make their work day more fun, this is the perfect gift. It is a USB but in the shape of a pet rock. Not only is it a fascinating concept from a design point-of-view but it is also a unique gift that is sure to start many conversations at the workplace, school or college library or anywhere else that it’s brought out. The pet rock can even keep the owner company from his home office. The relationship between this USB and its owner is rock solid.

9. Killer Pen Holder

This is a bizarre gift for someone with a sense of humor. The pen holder is in the shape of a body at a crime scene and the pen appears to be the murder weapon. Funny and a bit dark, it’s a unique gift nonetheless. It is also a great conversation piece for and someone who collects these kinds of items will be the most appreciative of it.

10. Scary Knife Holder

Similar to the pen holder in number 9, this is a ‘voodoo knife block’ which holds a set of knives in what appears to be a standing person. This gift will be most appreciated by someone with a good sense of humor and possibly even someone who enjoys cooking and/or loves watching crime dramas and documentaries. The knives come with ergonomically made handles and precision blades for the most cutting-edge culinary experiences.


When it comes to buying gifts, men are no easier to find gifts for than women. When deciding what to give someone and to really stand out when doing so, always think outside the box. No longer are bags, shoes and watches the standard for gift-giving because they have all been replaced with well-thought out and unique gifts.