One of the main reasons that keep people who want to build body and muscles from steroids is the conception they have that all steroids are unhealthy and bad for the body. But they hardly know about anavar the most gentle and safe to use steroid available in the market. It is being used effectively gaining good results that cuts fat very fast and maximizes the strength and speed as well. Thus who uses it gets vascularity suitable for ripped physique.

Anavar is used basically for cutting fat and at the same time it maintains lean tissue. How it is done is by increasing the metabolism. In dieting stage it is used widely as it cuts fat. But as it is gentle, you need to take high doses for good results. Anavar has definite benefits for muscles and it has been proven by the users who have got effective and great results. Who is more beneficial for women as it is well tolerated. Through it women can get masculine characteristics in the phase of dieting or growing. But for men it does not support gain but is used as fat cutters. Why anavar also works as bulking a get in women is because of their sensitivity to the hormone.

Gentle On Body, Strong On Muscles

Talking about the doses, for women it is recommended to take ten mg at the beginning to twenty mg in a cycle of six weeks. It can be taken more than twenty mg but usually they will not need higher doses and higher doses can sometimes trigger some side effects. It is also recommended to have a gap of three to four weeks before starting another cycle. As it makes good results in women than men, men will have to take higher doses. For them it is the best choice to build lean muscle tissue. A proper instructed dose for men is from eighty to hundred mg per day. And as women need lower doses, it is cost effective in women and opposite for men. As it bit expensive and has to be taken in high doses for man, the cost may be high on their side. Plus their cycle has to be around six to eight weeks.

It is gentle and mild for sure than any other steroids, but never underestimates its power. It’s very powerful and rarely have any side effects. It is very popular among body builders and it is favorite among women athletes and body builders. And so it has got the name as the girl steroid. But it does not mean that it is not beneficial for men. Men also get solid results using it in proper doses. It is just that it won’t help them for bulking up. For cutting cycle men use this and have got superb results. There is no doubt that it helps to preserve lean muscle tissue and makes recovering process easy and fast. Increase your metabolic activity with anavar and see the kind of result you have been craving for.